ACCI’s Puissance237 initiative shapes Cameroon’s path to regional power by 2035

You are currently viewing ACCI’s Puissance237 initiative shapes Cameroon’s path to regional power by 2035
The African Centre for Competitive Intelligence (ACCI) is launching a national consultation on January 16, aiming to formulate a strategy for Cameroon to become a regional power between 2025 and 2035. In this op-ed, Guy Gweth, the President of ACCI, sheds light on the dynamics of this project.
Cameroon: Crafting a strategy for regional power
Called “Puissance237,” the national consultation initiated by the African Centre for Competitive Intelligence (ACCI) under the theme “Building a Regional Power Strategy for Cameroon 2025-2035” kicks off on January 16, 2024, engaging local press professionals. The proceedings will last for a year, taking place both in the Cameroonian capital and abroad.

Aiming for continental leadership

Amid a multidimensional competition on the African continent, centered on innovation, influence, and diplomacy, Puissance237 aims to identify key resources within Cameroon. It plans to engage stakeholders in assessing their observations, analyses, and recommendations while energizing the state within a coordinated power strategy.

During Puissance237, ACCI experts will initially present the ongoing power strategies in Africa. Subsequently, representatives from public and private sectors, including civil society and the diaspora, will scrutinize the strengths and weaknesses of their respective domains compared to the continent’s best practices and forthcoming challenges. Finally, they will put forward ideas for improvement based on the principles of hard power, soft power and smart power.

Formalizing an immediately actionable strategy

In response to the escalating international competition, Cameroon possesses numerous strengths across various sectors. To propel them toward continental leadership, it is crucial to identify, acknowledge, and activate these strengths under strategic state direction. ACCI aspires to provide the necessary framework and neutrality to lay the foundation and key components of such a strategy for the 2025-2035 decade.

Structurally, Puissance237 has a triple objective. Firstly, to unite stakeholders around the concept of power. Secondly, to gather their diverse contributions in this context. Thirdly, to deduce and formalize an actionable power strategy immediately, both at the sectorial and national levels, accessible to all stakeholders.

Submit the report to the authorities and share key findings with the public

At the end of this consultation, Cameroon will possess an unprecedented White Paper, presenting a clear and precise strategy for becoming an African power between 2025 and 2035. This work will be published in bilingual format (English/French). Through this initiative, ACCI aims to deliver the final report to the Republic’s authorities for decision-making and the substance to the public for awareness.

In total, the Puissance237 national consultation will take place from January 16 to December 5, 2024. The consolidated report will be submitted to relevant authorities on December 10, along with a ‘Who’s Who’ of national human capital icons. A public presentation will occur during a press conference on December 12, 2024, followed by the Gala of Cameroonian Stars, attended by the national elite from the homeland and the diaspora.

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