The ACCI resumes: Celebrating African Entrepreneurs at the 2023 Pierre Castel Award Ceremony

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[ACCI-CAVIE] The 2023 Pierre Castel award ceremony was a momentous occasion that celebrated African entrepreneurship and brought together top business leaders, investors, and policymakers from across the continent. Hosted in the vibrant city of Douala, Cameroon, the ceremony was a testament to the thriving business ecosystem in Africa. The ACCI, which is organizing the upcoming FIEF on 2 November 2023 in Yaoundé at the Sofitel Mont Fébé, played a pivotal role in coordinating this prestigious event.

One of the notable highlights of the ceremony was the presence of Guy Gweth, the esteemed president of the ACCI, who served as the moderator of the event. With his vast knowledge and experience in competitive intelligence, Gweth brought a unique perspective to the discussions and panel sessions. His expertise in fostering economic growth and promoting entrepreneurship in Africa added immense value to the ceremony and ensured that the event ran smoothly.

The ceremony featured engaging panel discussions and inspiring keynote speeches that addressed a wide range of topics relevant to African entrepreneurship. During the panel discussions, the participants made noteworthy statements regarding various aspects of entrepreneurship. Mr. Pierre de Gaétan NJIKAM emphasized the importance of synergizing the aspirations, strategies, and operations of relevant stakeholders within the CASTEL group. Ms. Marème MALONG stressed the need to overcome cultural barriers to support young agricultural entrepreneurs, while Professor Roger TSAFACK NANFOSSO and Professor Jacques-Olivier PESME highlighted the significance of education and training in driving progress. Other speakers, including Mr. Jacques Jonathan NYEMB, Mr. Adel AMALOU, and Ms. Apolline KEOU, emphasized the need for tailored financing, protection, and support for budding entrepreneurs.

The awards recognized exceptional individuals and organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership, creativity, and sustainable practices. The winners were selected based on their remarkable achievements, commitment to excellence, and positive impact on their respective industries and communities.

The 2023 Pierre Castel award ceremony was a testament to the entrepreneurial prowess and innovative spirit of Africa’s business community. The event highlighted the immense potential of African entrepreneurs and their ability to drive sustainable economic growth, while also attracting international recognition for the winners and their achievements. Held in Douala on September 14, 2023, this prestigious event celebrated exceptional achievements in entrepreneurship, with the ACCI playing a crucial role in its organization. With Guy Gweth, the president of the ACCI, as the moderator, the ceremony provided a platform for insightful discussions, inspiring speeches, and the recognition of exemplary entrepreneurs. As the ACCI gears up for the FIEF2023, set to hold on 2 November 2023, in Yaoundé at the Sofitel Mont Fébé, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa continues to thrive, empowering more individuals and businesses to make significant contributions to the continent’s economic growth and development.

By Sharon NGOME